Monday, 6 May 2013

How To HACK Whatsapp Messenger (Tutorial)

HACK Whatsapp Messenger step by step:- 

Whatsapp recently updated their security so some of the previous hacks will not work..however tho' there are alternative methods of hi-jacking WhatsApp messages and other protocols

The first hack will spoof WhatsApp and have it think you are somebody else allowing you to communicate under an alternative name. This hack works by tricking the WhatsApp Verification Servers by sending a spoofed request for an authorisation code intended for an alternative phone. This method is working on several other IM applications based on iOS, Symbian & Android devices.

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Step by Step tutorial:- 

Tricksage is providing the step by step tutorial via text file on Hack WHATSapp Messenger and we providing via text file because of getting copied our contents to other blog so just download the .txt file from  below given download link and then follow step and Hack Whatsapp Messenger,, and don't misuse it we are just providing for Educational purpose,,

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