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Hi,,,blog readers we are very happy that you landed on Tricksage's about us page and we heartly welcomes you,,in this page you will come one step closer to us and author(me) and we truly believe that after reading about us you might like to join us and you can join us from the block at the right sidebar or simply like us on fb via This link i started this blog in 2011 , and with your's support we are on the way to be a india's largest blog .
                                            Tricksage.blog is for anyone who is really passionate about tech stuff's and to excel the online world. here on tricksage i almost provide all the knowledge about online world and techno stuff's which i gained from myself and sources.

About me : Hitesh nagar

Now let me introduce myself to you , I'm typically an normal guy who is passionate about tech stuff's and Internet. I'm an undergraduate by education and i finish my school in 2010 and now i'm pursuing engineering from SAIT ,indore . and i'm typically average student who study for the sake of exam.
                                      Normally i lives life to enjoy every penny of life and i believe in sharing and gaining knowledge to every person i know and if you are person like me then you can join me on g+ or at any social media network.
                  If you want to be ahead from other and curious to know this techno and online world then Tricksage.blog is the perfect place for you to know. 


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