Wednesday, 1 May 2013

How to Double your Earning (Increase or Boost Earning):-

How to Double your Earning (Boost or Increase Earning):-

I earlier told you on How to earn money through shortening Link or URL's,, simply by and many of are really earning with and even me to is well earning with it ,,, But today I would be showing you another awesome way for increasing your income and getting more click's genuinely.

WE are very thankfull to Rishabh sir (a tech blogger),,,

How to Double your Earning (increase earning):-

Well by simply chaining your links you can get more clicks that can in return make your more money or hence increases your overall income. So now normally does not allow you to shorten their own links but we can use another website to do so and easily chain our links for a boost-up. So now just follow below steps.

we will use this website:- Click Here TO Go....

NOTE:- allows only 5 clicks from the same IP, rest all clicks would be ignored and you will not get a single penny for them so we can chain 3-4 links :) If you want to see a demo how its gonna work just check this [Link]

  • Visit and shorten your link for website or download (make sure stuff is viral)

  • Now copy that link and visit this website and paste your link and shorten it up.
  • Now copy the shortened this website link and once again shorten it with
  • So now repeat this process for two three times till you end up with link.
  • Now just go to that last link and now that has been chained.
  • So that's it guys now you can easily get a boost on your earnings by us

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  1. Nice Post Bro.But Whenever I Created A New Link It Will Lead To Adfly Link After Skipping Its Load My Page.This Look Like Ordinary Skiiping.How To Double The Earnings?
    Freetrickz Blog

  2. In my experience, the best solution for monetizing is counts more visits and all clicks have the same rate, not like with other shorteners, where the rate is going down with every click... Adfly counts only 4 clicks from one IP!
    I use on my blog and on Facebook. The most of my traffic is from Spain, Latin America and United States. My last payment I received from (2015, march)



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